WSS - Welfare and Sustainability Support

Poultry welfare is not just a box-ticking exercise for us. We, along with our clients are doing this because we truly believe it is the right thing to do. Our experienced operators make assessments based on the available data along with feedback from the farm. 

Our unique Welfare Dashboard gives you visibility, traceability, accountability and full control over every aspect of your poultry production. A key tool for the demand of visibility in todays supply chain production.

What's Included?

  • A unique way to establish a welfare assessment in real time, 24/7 for all the farm facilities
  • Trained technicians check the facilities against a welfare standard every 90 minutes, over 100 times per week, and all outcomes are fully documented in an online dashboard
  • OPTIfarm uniquely assesses the welfare based on both the data and the feedback from the farmer on site in real time to ensure a more accurate evaluation of animal welfare
  • The service is designed to meet the individual requirements of a client whether based on a third party standard or their own
  • All data captured can be available for interrogation by a client or our own consultancy service 
  • By linking productivity and welfare it is possible for OPTIfarm to support a clients sustainability commitments

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