Intelligent analytics to create an empowered and efficient team. AMS is a great resource tool to ensure that company protocols are carried out and actioned on farm
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A remote area manager service operating 24/7. One-to-one messaging and support around the clock, based on the 90-minute real-time assessments.
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Trained technicians check the facilities against welfare standards over 100x per week. Fully documented in an online dashboard.
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Address any unanswered questions and solve some ongoing issues. A real opportunity to explore artificial intelligence, machine learning and create continual improvements.
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OPTIfarm is a fully confidential support and observation facility, physically manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – with a proven track record.

One of the most important services we provide is real-time recommendations. We detect issues such as erratic water consumption, poor bird spread or equipment failure as they happen.

Straight away, we’ll work with our clients to work out what has happened – and propose changes with immediate effect.

We can deliver solutions immediately rather than giving the information hours or days after it happens – a unique, unrivalled service.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of how we use machine learning to help businesses around the world

How we work

We are a remote support and observation facility, using advanced software and data analytics manned by monitoring experts 24 hours a day

Think of your farms as computers or smart phones and think of OPTIfarm like your operating system, Apple, Windows, Android etc for your business.

Like your antivirus we keep your business safe 24/7.
We will tell you when you could do an update and improve performance and help with update if required.

When things are not working properly we will take you through a check of all your settings and advise where necessary.

Contained within our service is a help section with training and guidance.

Our process

Conduct a review

Issue farm schedule

Determine service

Share report & resources


Our mission is to offer continual improvement on behalf of our clients, we believe this is paramount to the success of any enterprise.

Optifarm is continually working on new innovations. Our aim is to constantly enrich the recommendations we give to farmers.

This includes the use of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Automated Visual Recognition technology, ground-breaking new sensoring equipment and pioneering communication techniques.

We work with any farm control system including homemade platforms, such as: Skov, Chore-time, Fancom, Stienen and Big Dutchman.

This is our commitment to the future of smarter farming.

Farm performance

We optimise the farm facility for the birds, by helping the farmer achieve his goals, meeting targets such as weight gain, improved Feed Conversion Ratio, uniformity and less reliance on medication.

Animal welfare

By monitoring natural behaviours through innovate data interpretation we give livestock the best possible conditions for a healthy and happy life.

Less medication

Real-time proactive support ensures bird health and welfare is monitored and managed in such a way as to minimise the need to treat sick animals – meaning a reduced reliance on antibiotics.

Peace of mind

Protect your equipment, livestock and feed with a permanent, watchful eye. We make specific recommendations based on your needs and our experience.

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