Reducing Insurance Premiums

OPTIfarm – Reducing Insurance Premiums

Lowering Risk & Lowering Premiums

A recent update to the way certain policies are underwritten by a global insurer means users of the OPTIfarm service should be entitled to a reduction in their insurance premiums.

With OPTIfarm agents monitoring farms all over the world 24/7 to ensure conditions remain optimum, it has been determined that the service lowers risk on farm, therefore lowering insurance premiums.

In many cases, the savings in insurance will more than cover the cost of the OPTIfarm service. As a result, all benefits go to the farmer who gets a reduced premium, plus 24/7 support and additional insight into their production.

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If you’re keen to learn more about whether you and your farm can benefit from this please contact either your insurer or us using:

E-mail – optifarm.team@appliedgroup.org.uk

Telephone – +44(0)1246 569 066

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