A case study of how OPTIfarm has improved the efficiency, profitability and performance of a broiler chicken farm.

Introducing Corfton Farm


Corfton Farm is a broiler chicken farm in the heart of Shropshire, with a capacity of 230,000.

It uses the OPTIfarm+ service, meaning it receives a 24/7 monitoring service with real-time recommendations.

It helps spot feed and water outages, optimise internal climate and provides specific target-related advice.

Since the beginning of Corfton’s relationship with OPTIfarm, there is the added peace of mind from an experienced team looking out for the birds 24/7 as well as a number of financial improvements.

The OPTIfarm impact

The average margin for the last 4 crops has been 17p/metre sq/week higher than the average from the previous 13 crops before OPTIfarm were involved

Taking the difference between the lowest margin, long before OPTIFfarm were involved, and the highest margin last crop, the difference is 58p

Going from the previous average, OPTIfarm have helped improve financial performance by 18%


p/metre average increase in crop margin


Biggest increase in crop margin


% increase in financial performance

“Looking after such a huge investment can be quite daunting and it comes with certain risks. It’s nice to have the support of OPTIfarm who I know are keeping an eye on the birds 24/7”

Warren Gittoes – Corfton Farm Manager

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