National Poultry Show

National Poultry Show

Join us on day day 2 of the National Poultry Show this week where we are talking all thing equipment. 

Your Equipment is intended to help you do the same job, or even better and with less effort. When your new equipment hits the farm, you may need to work out the kinks to get it running top notch. What new ideas should you consider?

Current farm management systems can visualise and produce data around the clock. Theres some powerful tools available for you today, but are you using them effectively enough? 

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Technologies we should all be considering

Robotics – Automating routine tasks is potentially a big win for the broiler sector – not least by reducing the number of times a stockman has to enter a shed, as this improves biosecurity, but robots also have the potential to increase the amount of data captured on farms.

Free moving robots can examine every square metre of a barn and map out how air is moving through each part. Evidence shows that free moving robots break up dominance in farms, potentially improving flock uniformity.

Monitoring – Most broiler farms monitor humidity, temperature and other basic metrics. But there is huge potential in expanding what is recorded within sheds.

It’s relatively simple to train basic CCTV cameras to know whether lights are on or off, or inlets are open or closed. 

Beyond that, cameras can reveal the distribution of birds in a shed, how they are moving or how many are feeding at any given point, this is something we have also automated. Teaching standard cameras to identify birds that are eating/drinking and displaying a range of natural behaviours and on average how long each bird spends doing these behaviours. This can offer new levels of insight.