Latest In Machine Learning

Latest development for your Broiler Farm

With Automated Visual Recognition technology, we can create ground truth in real time with auto annotation, enabling us to see and read what each individual bird and the flock is telling us with these new advancements.

Here OPTIfarm we can assess poultry and their behaviour closer than we have ever been able to do to date by creating ground truth in real time, the flock is assessed minute by minute enabling us to see and read what they are telling us.

These new advancements give you snap shot of whats to come from our unique optimisation service. The great thing about these new developments is that they use ‘off the shelf’ cameras to carry out bespoke poultry behaviour assessments.

This latest development in machine learning and artificial intelligence can track, count and identify what the chickens are doing giving us new insights and data that will lead to more new learning and more ways to ensure optimal productivity.

Clients at OPTIfarm we will soon be able to receive this new service along with other new innovations we are working on as part of our already successful 24/7 global farm optimisation.
Be apart of our journey and see what we can do for you and your business, experience all the benefits OPTIfarm brings for your farm.