Introducing the OPTIfarm-AMS

Introducing the OPTIfarm - AMS

Optifarm - Area Manager Support

The OPTIfarm area manager support (AMS) has been specifically designed for the larger poultry organisations to integrate in your business and provide support to your technical teams. Advancing production and welfare in the supply chain.

The demand for quality livestock continues to increase and we know our clients are determined to be the best in the production of sustainable, quality livestock.

Just ask how we can make you a great ROI,  just for the cost of a coffee.

At the heart of OPTIfarm is a poultry farmer, with passion and drive for the industry.

Dramatic Improvements with Area Manager Support

Our clients are already seeing dramatic improvements in various aspects of farm performance, with the Area Manager Support we will be able to enhance your technical team further, 24/7. 

Our service is completely specific to you and your goals.

Whatever your poultry pitfalls are we will deliver practical solutions. We react quickly and positively to any farm issues, leading to a positive effect on performance and welfare.