Heatwave Issues

Keep you eye on the detail

As we start to see a heatwave across the UK and in Northern Europe. We are regularly seeing the same issues reoccurring and they are often around attention to the finer detail.


Check your ventilation can ramp up quickly and control temperature in the morning, we often see ventilation chasing temperature too early in the day. Make sure fans run at capacity and aren’t hindered, fans will lose efficiency over time so check your ventilation can manage bird requirement.

Water consumption

Provide birds with cool water where possible and flush those drinker lines. Keep water consumption at an optimal level.


As Optifarm is with your birds 24 hours a day, every 90 minutes we often observe these fine details efficiently and report back to you on the observations we make.

Intro Offer

As an introduction to new customers and whilst many of you are concentrating on the harvest we are happy to work with you for a two-month period for a one-off price, leaving you with peace of mind that your birds are being closely monitored by industry experts.

Ask us which areas we can assist you on