FMS - Farm Management Service

FMS has been specifically designed to be the perfect addition to our AMS service. Combining our services provides a unique opportunity for you to provide tailored support direct to the farm manager.

Our Farm Management Support advisors are trained to translate the data into practical improvements on the farm. Guiding your farm manager every step of the way.

What's Included?

  • Designed to support the farmer at farm level in real-time, whatever the issue
  • Acts as a remote area manager service operating 24/7
  • One to one messaging and support 24 hours a day based on the 90 minute real-time assessments
  • Advice, suggestions and recommendations are given to help optimise the production and improve results
  • Following a documented instruction OPTIfarm can help make necessary changes to the farm control systems, in real-time, 24/7
  • Designed for less experienced farmers or those who want/need to find a way to improve results
  • A client’s own staff are kept informed of the support the farmer is receiving via daily reports

While you are here why not download our FMS brochure?