Supporting our mission in smart farming

As we continue to grow globally we are celebrating the many industry leading experts who are supporting us in our mission for smart farming.

"Optifarm is an excellent strategic fit for SoundTalks as a developing precision livestock business" says Dries. "The combination between PLF tools and Optifarms excellent knowledge of the growth process will improve the return on every farm."

Dries Berckmans - CEO of SoundTalks

"The unique approach of OPTIfarm shows the importance of the digital and human interaction. The data is there to feed the human factor in optimising Poultry production. Artificial Intelligence and human intelligence go hand in hand with Optifarm"

Dr. Kristof Mertens - Managing Director of Porphyrio

"I have always been interested in how we can leverage new technology to help bridge the farm management skills gap and improve welfare, performance and financial returns for the flock farmers and in this respect I find what you are doing at Optifarm of great interest and I am very supportive of your initiative."

Jim Jonson - Director of FCE

“As the leading rural insurer in the UK, we’ve been impressed with the positive impact that OPTIfarm has had on the poultry sector" says David Harrison, Sector Lead for Farming and Agriculture at NFU Mutual. "Their 24/7 monitoring solution brings about tangible benefits in terms of animal welfare, reducing rural crime and supporting lone workers. As agri-tech becomes ever more important for many farmers and producers, their use of innovation is making a difference to many poultry producers”.

David Harrison - Sector Lead for Farming and Agriculture

"Working for a significant food retailer I welcome the service offered by OPTIfarm. Their unique ability to support farming businesses globally by advising around the clock on ways to optimise the production facilities offers the potential for significant benefits for all involved in farming livestock. Assessing the animals, the facilities, the data and the staff needs clearly helps both on the grounds of optimal livestock production but importantly it also allows businesses to further exhibit to the supply chain that animal welfare standards are being maintained at all times and I view this as only ever becoming more essential over time."

Barney Kay - Head of Agriculture, Aquaculture & Horticulture

“We are impressed by Optifarm's continuous efforts to demonstrate that data plays an important role in modern poultry farming”, says Jacques Janssen, Director Marketing and Sales. “With the Optifarm services poultry farmers are able to utilize the existing automation systems to its fullest potential, making the equipment even more valuable to them. In this way, farming can take place in a profitable and responsible way, with the fullest attention to food safety and animal welfare ”.

Jacques Janssen - Director Marketing and Sales.

"In any way we see it, the future of agriculture relies on smart farming, what was beyond our comprehension and capabilities now is easier, practical, and more factual than ever. We once thought that optimization of every step in our farming practices was complex and needs a lot of effort, and it really needs the acquisition of the art of farm management. But with this new emerging concept depending on smart farming by Optifarm, it is something we should all aspire to adopt. Changing your mindset towards smart farming to optimize your practices through articulated data, signals collection, & bearing in mind the welfare of the animals, food safety is the smartest step to stay ahead of the business."

Ghada Salameh - Business Development