Covid-19 Support

Covid-19 Support

With the country going into lockdown now it is more vital than ever that we pull together for our British and Worldwide poultry farms.

Our essential industry is coming under pressure from the effects of Covid-19 and the domino effect could be huge. Despite this we continue to operate normally. We are very thankful that agriculture still keeps producing and while everybody else can shut off their business and go home we farmers have to stay healthy, keep our stock healthy and keep producing.

Broiler chick

For us and the millions of others working in the poultry and livestock industry we have no choice but to continue as close to normal as possible, but what if just one of your staff tested positive for the coronavirus? It means under the current government guidelines that anyone in close contact with them will also have to be isolated for a minimum of two weeks. This will include their colleagues. Would this have knock on effect for you receiving help externally? What is your plan for this? Might sound harsh but go through the possible scenarios, plan and prepare.

OPTIfarm is proving to be a vital support system right now across the world, we are working remotely to provide 24/7 support to poultry farms, we are the extra pair of hands when needed, we use skilled knowledgeable staff and our own decision tree software ensuring productivity and welfare standards are still met. In an emergency situation the possibility to remotely access the sheds and the controllers is a lifeline.

While using our service is valuable throughout the year, it is especially vital as a contingency plan for an emergency.