Smart farming – understand more, learn more.

Smart farming – understand more, learn more

In today’s economic climate it might seem a daunting task to implement aspects of smart farming or you may think that the current pandemic has forced your hand, but this can only be a positive that must be embraced.

Data gathering, machine learning and new thinking research are all designed to be used to progress your business, productivity and animal welfare.

Some of the main benefits are;

  • Reduce risks. The more you know the less of a risk you’ll face.
  • What happens at farm level and more importantly why?
  • improve production in every cycle.
  • Maximum production and bird welfare = maximum profit.

Time to focus on that data, analyse it and use it to create value.

Turning digital data into information, listen to what the information is telling you but more importantly, action it! Nothing changes if we don’t act on information and one of the biggest challenges we face can be actioning it.

graph showing the improvements made

We are not waiting for alerts or problems to arise before we make improvements, we looking and checking constantly to prevent issues. Be proactive, go find and go explore. We do this remotely, every day, at a minimum of 16 times a day in, every barn, 24/7.

Optimising and making positive changes for the birds and your business.

Now is the time for a permanent change in mindset.

Mindset and data analytics, together they are about generating profit.

We have discovered 50% of flock variable is down to human influences so these need to be communicated, with the data information, in the smart farming outcomes.

Smart farming for us is about working together to drive your business forward, overcome the challenges, push the boundaries and making the investment in the future.

how optifarm works

Where can you start?

Water, temperature and relative humidity. Recording these already? Great you are already on the first step. These 3 things are the basics for us at Optifarm to start you on your journey to a smarter poultry production.

Top Tips:

Record your observations, get them noted down anywhere you can. You are constantly making them so why not record them?

Don’t overwhelm yourself, use the data to confirm your decision making and make improvements. Even small steps add up to be changes.

Establish the basics first, use this to build on. Don’t get carried away with data for data’s sake and not use it.

Support for smarter farming and optimisation

Bridging the knowledge gap between precision livestock farming and the farmer.

Poultry Welfare Visibility

Poultry Welfare

Real Time Poultry Assessments

Poultry welfare is not just a box-ticking exercise for us. We, along with our clients are doing this because we truly believe it is the right thing to do.

Welfare is a complex topic 

Our experienced operators make assessments based on available data along with comments from the farm.

To understand the welfare of the birds OPTIfarm assess animal welfare following the principles of the globally recognised Five Freedoms;


Observing bird welfare every 90 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week, gives the best possible conditions for the birds. 

A Global First Welfare Dashboard

The Welfare Dashboard gives you visibility, traceability, accountability and full control over every aspect of your poultry production. 

A key tool for the demand of visibility in todays supply chain production.

Evonik invests in precision livestock start-up to improve poultry production.

  • UK start-up OPTIfarm provides 24/7 support and service for poultry houses
  • Start-up advances digitization in chicken farms
  • Investment in OPTIfarm strengthens Evonik’s precision livestock activities

Evonik has invested in the startup OPTIfarm Ltd. through its venture capital unit and now holds a minority stake in the company, which is headquartered in Chesterfield (United Kingdom). OPTIfarm is already generating revenue through delivering round the clock monitoring of poultry houses, ensuring better animal welfare, improving livestock performance and enabling fail-safe operations. OPTIfarm’s team uses whatever imagery, automation and sensors that are already available, including temperature, water and feed. This allows checks to take place from afar. Any issues can be discovered and corrected quickly, saving the farmer time and money.

The transaction took place in the context of a spinout of OPTIfarm from the Applied Group. The parties have agreed not to disclose the amount of the investment.

“We are impressed with the global commercial success that OPTIfarm has already achieved,” says Bernhard Mohr, head of Venture Capital at Evonik. “Evonik possesses the ideal experience and expertise to support OPTIfarm through further growth.”

The OPTIfarm services and business model was developed by poultry producer and entrepreneur David Speller as part of his existing business. Speller said, “I am delighted that the investment from Evonik enables OPTIfarm to now operate as a focused standalone company. With heritage as a poultry producer and a unique pay as you go business model, OPTIfarm is now positioned to serve a larger number of poultry farmers.”

“OPTIfarm is an excellent strategic fit for Evonik’s developing precision livestock business,” says Emmanuel Auer, head of the company’s Animal Nutrition business line. “Supporting customers in improving performance and sustainability strengthens our Animal Nutrition growth engine.”

As part of its venture capital activities Evonik plans to invest a total of €100 million in promising start-ups with innovative technologies and in leading specialized venture capital funds. The focus here is on Evonik’s Health & Care, Smart Materials, Animal Nutrition, and Specialty Additives growth engines as well as on digitalization. Evonik currently has investments in more than twenty start-ups and venture capital funds.