Our brochure

We have evolved!

Over the last 12 months we have taken large steps forward internally with the growth of our organisation. With the desire to understand data, what is happening on our farms, and why, OPTIfarm brings resources for advancement.

  • Machine learning and our unique software can now view information every 5 minutes. Indicating areas of interest to investigate further with farm staff.
  • Intelligent AI to provide unique trends and assessments, leading to an efficiently optimised genetic production.
  • Using remote sensors and a 4g service we don’t need an internet connection to export information.
  • Our service gives guidance to farm staff and peace of mind to farm owners that farm-level operations are carried out diligently.

We have developed a team with the expertise and understanding of where current production issues are and where the industry is going over the coming years.

Everyone is working hard on developing a new brochure to reflect our recent developments, but in the meantime, if you would like to understand in more detail where our service is now and what can be achieved then we look forward to discussing things further.


You can download our brochure below:

Our services brochures for Informing, Supporting or Advancing Welfare: