AMS - Area Manager Support

Our global 24/7 AMS service provides support to the business as a whole but also supports and empowers your individuals in the field. Increasing knowledge, awareness and productivity.

Supported in real time by monitoring analysts and data driven decisions to deliver higher standards into the supply chain.

Providing visibility and traceability, plus communicating your sustainability and welfare targets is a key focus to us.

What's Included?

  • An assessment of every poultry shed every 90 minutes, 24 hours a day
  • All observations presented in a daily pdf report via email
  • At the end of each farm batch, a batch summary report is generated including some key pointers for the next cycle
  • In addition, clients can set parameters they want notifying of real-time, e.g, if water intake dips, if the dark period is wrong, if there is high daily mortality, etc.
  • AMS informs to allow the clients own team to be better informed and efficient
  • AMS is a great tool to ensure company protocols are carried out and actioned on the farm

While you are here why not download our AMS brochure?