Do you know the Why?

Developed from the desire to understand data, what is happening on our farms and more importantly the why!?

We are a team of poultry analysts with the expertise and understanding of where current production issues are and where the industry is going over the coming years. 

Our service was initially developed and utilised on our own award-winning Broiler Farms. The system is a globally unique service completely different to anything else available to supply chains.

We have developed groundbreaking technology that creates the optimum conditions for livestock with 24/7 remote, real-time monitoring. Our clients around the globe know their livestock is in safe hands.

Our Mission:

Optimising, sustaining and advancing poultry production & welfare, globally, through innovative 24/7 human and digital assessments

How we work

We deliver our service using the most suitable means for the client.

This includes everything from mobile phone pictures, videos, telephone calls to in-barn sensors, vet reports and parent flock data.

OPTIfarm has been able to clearly demonstrate to its clients a tremendous return by having a real-time 24/7 service that is continually helping make changes when needed any time, day or night.

The combination of our expert team and software means we evaluate all the farm information required for our clients.

This enables our team to focus not only on broad whole farm appraisals but also on specific targeted areas requiring improvement.

Take a look at our video on how you can apply smart farming principles

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