4 Ways Monitoring Has Helped Livestock This Week

Monitoring Update

We’re always keen to spread the word about what we’re trying to achieve at OPTIfarm, which is happier birds producing better results. Below are some things we’ve been helping our farms with this week.

1. Pressure in the Netherlands

One of our farms in The Netherlands was experiencing issues with ventilation in the evening time. The team then called the farm manager out tweak some settings so that the birds could more comfortable overnight. This will also see likely improvements in FCR.

2. Bothersome Biomass

Some of the farms we monitor use biomass and a recent fault with a boiler lead to reductions in temperature. This can be difficult to manage, especially with lower outside temperatures. With a few tweaks to the ventilation and some close monitoring, the birds were made more comfortable until an engineer arrived.

3. Creeping CO2

One of our Shropshire farms was experiencing rising levels of CO2. If left to get too high, CO2 can cause respiratory issues for the birds. On noticing that CO2 levels were creeping up, the farm manager could be alerted early to resolve the issue before it became damaging.

4. Fighting with Feed

Over in Australia, some issues with the consistency of feed data raised a flag that there might be issues. The team quickly pointed the farm manager towards the problem houses so the issue could be resolved before it started to affect the birds. In the end, it turned out to be a feed bridge between 2 houses.

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