Autonomous Navigating Robot For Poultry Layer Farming

Briefing workshop hosted by the Envirobot Consortium

17th May 2022

The Envirobot Consortium has developed a data collection robot for operation in caged layer farms. The robot designed for the collection of environmental, health, and bird welfare data has been trialed by our partners in China on broiler and layer farms.

The programme includes:

  • Current market place – Octopus, ChickenBoy, RoboChick
  • The latest robotic developments
  • Headline data
  • Key benefits
  • Future potentials
  • Question and Answer session

The Envirobot consortium has completed a Newton funded 36 month feasibility study.

The study has encompassed:

  • Specification and development of a UK robot system optimised for operation in complex environments
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Development of an alternative robot for use on Chinese Poultry farms
  • Development, testing, and deployment of a range of environmental sensors
  • Development of Health sensor (VOC sensor)
  • Development of bird Welfare sensor (behaviour)
  • Multiple data sets and ongoing advice for optimal environment to farm managers

Based on advances made during the study, the Envirobot Consortium will present new findings in the context of the poultry industry in Europe and China.

This will be an online even, commencing at 10:00 on the 17th May 2022